Columbus Family Law Attorney

If you have decided to part ways with your spouse, your struggle is far from over. Now begins a long and stressful legal ordeal. Your anxiety and frustration can be lessened significantly if you work with the right law firm.

The Law Office of Mandi McDonough can assist you with the complications of your divorce. There is no substitute for strong representation; you’ll be relieved to have a skilled attorney such as Mandi McDonough on your side.

Service Area

The Law Office of Mandi McDonough is conveniently located in Columbus, GA. The law firm serves clients residing throughout Harris and Muscogee Counties. Clients appreciate Mandi McDonough extensive understanding of the local legal system.

Practice Areas

Rather than tackling a variety of practice areas, The Law Office of Mandi McDonough focuses exclusively on Family Law. In doing so, the firm is better able to serve the unique needs of its many clients.

Top areas of concern include Child Support and Child Custody. Given the sensitive nature of such proceedings, Mandi McDonough strives to promote a spirit of cooperation. However, she’s also willing to fight aggressively for her clients and their children.

Although The Law Office of Mandi McDonough serves a variety of clients dealing with divorce in Columbus, the firm is especially well-suited to cases involving Military Divorce. These separations often involve unique complications best handled by an attorney thoroughly familiar with the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act and other relevant legislation. Military-focused representation means exploring creative strategies to expedite dissolution and obtain the best possible legal outcome. It’s a tall order, but Mandi McDonough is up to the task.

A Strong Track Record in Family Law

Strong legal support could spell the difference between a devastating outcome and reasonable compromises with your spouse. You’ll be pleased to learn that The Law Office of Mandi McDonough boasts an excellent track record. Clients consistently praise Mandi McDonough for her sensitive, yet assertive handling of family cases.

As you tackle the complications of military divorce, child custody, and child support, you deserve counsel from a compassionate attorney. The sooner you resolve family matters, the sooner you can move on with your life. Contact The Law Office of Mandi McDonough today to learn more about your options and to schedule a case consultation.